Mùa thu là mùa yêu thích của tôi

Cô Annanew
American English

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Question 1:
What does the narrator like about the weather in fall?
a It's very hot
b It's snowy
c It's neither too hot nor too cold
d It's rainy
Question 2:
Which change in nature does the narrator mention?
a Flowers blooming
b Leaves changing colors
c Lots of sunshine
d Heavy snowfall
Question 3:
What are some fall activities and treats the narrator enjoys?
a Swimming and ice cream
b Skiing and hot chocolate
c Long walks and pumpkin-flavored treats
d Sunbathing and cold drinks
Question 4:
Why does the narrator enjoy fall weekends?
a For beach trips
b For skiing
c For watching football with friends
d For gardening
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