Lấy lại vóc dáng

Cô Annanew
American English

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Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What prompted the narrator to get in shape?
a A doctor’s advice
b Feeling sluggish and unhealthy
c Preparing for a sports event
d Peer pressure
Question 2:
How often does the narrator go to the gym?
a Once a week
b Twice a week
c Three times a week
d Every day
Question 3:
What was one of the narrator’s initial challenges?
a Finding a gym
b Muscle aches and keeping up with exercises
c Getting time off work
d Choosing the right diet
Question 4:
What change in the narrator's diet is mentioned?
a Eating more protein
b Cutting out junk food and eating healthier
c Going on a fast
d Taking supplements
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