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Porcupine Quills

Cô Annanew
American English

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Question 1:
What are porcupine quills?
a Spikes made of bone
b Modified hairs
c Wooden sticks
d Metal needles
Question 2:
What happens to a porcupine's quills when it feels threatened?
a They fall out
b They turn red
c They stand up
d They shoot out
Question 3:
Can porcupines shoot their quills?
a Yes, up to several feet
b Yes, but only a short distance
c No, but they detach easily
d No, they are permanently attached
Question 4:
What feature makes porcupine quills difficult to remove?
a They are slippery
b They have tiny barbs
c They are extremely long
d They contain poison
Question 5:
Besides using quills, what other strategies do porcupines use to avoid predators?
a Hiding and climbing trees
b Running fast
c Making loud noises
d Spraying a foul odor
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