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"Days of the Week"

Understanding the days of the week is fundamental to organizing our lives and activities. The week begins with Monday, a fresh start after the weekend. Many people find it challenging to bid farewell to the leisure of Sunday, but Monday sets the tone for productivity.

Tuesday follows, providing a middle-of-the-week feel. It's an opportunity to dive into tasks with renewed energy. Wednesday is often referred to as "hump day," symbolizing the halfway point. The weekend is on the horizon, boosting morale.

Thursday signals the approaching end of the workweek. There's a sense of accomplishment as tasks are completed. Friday, the much-anticipated day, brings excitement for the impending weekend. It's a day to wrap up work and make plans for leisure.

Saturday and Sunday, collectively known as the weekend, are treasured days for relaxation and recreation. Whether spent outdoors or indoors, weekends offer a chance to recharge and enjoy leisure activities.

Cô Annanew
American English

Did you understand the text?

Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What day starts the week?
a Sunday
b Monday
c Friday
d Wednesday
Question 2:
How is Tuesday described in the text?
a As the weekend
b A fresh start
c Middle-of-the-week
d The end of the week
Question 3:
What is Wednesday often referred to as?
a Hump day
b Sunday
c Monday
d Friday
Question 4:
What does Thursday signal?
a The start of the workweek
b The approaching end of the workweek
c The weekend
d A day off
Question 5:
What is Friday described as in the text?
a A day to start work
b The end of the workweek
c A day to relax
d A fresh start
Question 6:
What do Saturday and Sunday collectively make up?
a Workweek
b Hump day
c Weekend
d Monday
Please answer all questions about the text:
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