Amy và trường học

Cô Annanew
American English

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Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
Why didn’t Amy want to go to school?
a She hadn’t studied for her test.
b She felt sick.
c Her best friend wouldn’t be there.
d Some other kids had been bullying her.
Question 2:
Why did Amy’s dad want Amy to wake up?
a To eat breakfast
b To finish her homework
c To see if she was sick
d To pack for a trip
Question 3:
What did Amy tell her dad was the reason she didn’t get up?
a She hadn’t gotten enough sleep
b She wasn’t hungry
c She was angry
d She felt sick
Question 4:
What type of sickness did Amy say she had?
a A headache
b A fever
c A toothache
d A stomachache
Question 5:
When Amy said she was sick, what did her dad do?
a He told her to get up anyway
b He asked about her symptoms
c He said she could sleep in
d He told her she needed to go to the doctor
Question 6:
What did Amy do when her dad asked her about her friend?
a She got angry
b She fell back asleep
c She started to cry
d She told him she didn’t want to talk about it
Question 7:
When Amy admitted she wasn’t really sick, what did her dad do?
a He hugged her and talked to her
b He got angry
c He laughed
d He told her a story about when he didn’t want to go to school
Question 8:
What happened when Amy went to school?
a She had to sit by herself at lunch
b She found a new friend
c Her best friend was at school because she felt better
d The kids started bullying her
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