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Cô Annanew
American English

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Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What time does the narrator wake up?
a 6:30 AM
b 7:30 AM
c 6:30 PM
d 3:30 PM
Question 2:
Which action is not part of the narrator's morning routine?
a Taking a shower
b Making coffee
c Eating breakfast
d Catching the bus
Question 3:
What does the narrator do at their locker?
a Fix their hair
b Chat with their friends
c Put away their backpack
d Complete their homework
Question 4:
What is the narrator's second class of the day?
a History
b Science
c Social studies
d Math
Question 5:
What does the narrator usually eat for lunch?
a A sandwich and chips
b A burger and fries
c A candy bar
d A live octopus
Question 6:
Why doesn't the narrator like eating from the vending machine?
a It's expensive.
b It's unhealthy.
c It doesn't have their favorite snacks.
d Their parents will be mad.
Question 7:
What happens at 3:30 PM?
a The narrator goes to lunch
b The narrator hears the final bell
c The narrator has a math class
d The narrator goes to their locker
Question 8:
Does the narrator like homework?
a Yes, they enjoy studying.
b Yes, they stay late at school to do homework.
c No, they dislike studying.
d No, they have to catch their bus.
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