Một lời chào thân thiện

Thầy Davidnew
American English

Did you understand the text?

Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
Who asks where someone is going?
a Bob
b Amy
c Anne
d blue
Question 2:
Which greeting was first used in the passage?
a hey
b hi
c hello
d bye
Question 3:
Which question did Bob ask first?
a I am going to the park.
b How are you?
c Can I join you?
d We had so much fun.
Question 4:
What were Amy and Anne doing?
a Playing a game
b Sitting
c Swinging
d Running
Question 5:
How many friends played at the park?
a 2
b 3
c 4
d 5
Question 6:
Where did the friends play?
a swings
b Bobs house
c on the street
d park
Please answer all questions about the text:
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