Sách và đồ chơi rất thú vị

Books and Toys are Fun.

Exploring the magical world of books and toys is a delightful journey for children. Whether immersed in the pages of a story or engaged in play, the combination of literature and toys fosters creativity and learning.

Books open doors to imagination. A child flipping through the pages of a storybook is transported to far-off lands, meeting colorful characters and embarking on thrilling adventures. The joy of reading cultivates a love for learning and expands a child's horizons.

Toys, too, play a crucial role in a child's development. From building blocks to puzzles, toys stimulate cognitive skills and encourage problem-solving. Imaginative play with dolls or action figures helps children express themselves and develop social skills.

The synergy between books and toys is evident in interactive books that come with accompanying play items. These integrated experiences not only make learning enjoyable but also create a holistic approach to education, blending the joy of reading with hands-on play.

Children who engage with both books and toys are more likely to unleash their creativity. Whether crafting their narratives inspired by a book or inventing stories with their toys, these activities foster a sense of innovation and self-expression.

Educational toys further enhance the learning experience. Counting with colorful blocks or identifying shapes with toys not only makes learning fun but also ensures that children grasp these concepts effortlessly.

Cô Annanew
American English

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Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What does reading a storybook transport a child to?
a A classroom
b Far-off lands
c A shopping mall
d The backyard
Question 2:
What role do toys play in a child's development?
a They hinder development
b They have no impact
c They stimulate cognitive skills
d They only provide entertainment
Question 3:
How does imaginative play with toys benefit children?
a It hinders their social skills
b It limits self-expression
c It helps them express themselves and develop social skills
d It has no impact on social skills
Question 4:
What is the synergy between books and toys evident in?
a Expensive toys
b Interactive books with accompanying play items
c Traditional toys only
d Books without any play element
Question 5:
What does engaging with both books and toys likely unleash in children?
a Boredom
b Creativity
c Disinterest
d Frustration
Question 6:
How do educational toys enhance the learning experience?
a By making learning boring
b By ensuring children don't grasp concepts
c By making learning fun and ensuring understanding
d By limiting learning to books
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