Ngôi nhà của tôi

"My House".

My house is a cozy haven where cherished memories are made. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood, it has a charming red door that welcomes friends and family. The living room is bathed in natural light, adorned with comfortable furniture and framed family photos. The kitchen is the heart of the home, filled with delightful aromas of home-cooked meals. Upstairs, the bedrooms are serene retreats, each reflecting the unique personalities of its occupants. In the backyard, a garden blooms with vibrant colors, a perfect spot for relaxation. My house is more than just walls and a roof; it's a place filled with love and warmth.

Cô Annanew
American English

Did you understand the text?

Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What color is the front door of the house?
a Blue
b Red
c Green
d Yellow
Question 2:
What is the living room adorned with?
a Mirrors
b Family photos
c Artwork
d Plants
Question 3:
What fills the kitchen with delightful aromas?
a Scented candles Fresh flowers Home-cooked meals Perfume
Question 4:
What is the backyard garden a perfect spot for?
a Reading
b Relaxation
c Exercise
d Cooking
Please answer all questions about the text:
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