Làm Pizza cùng gia đình tôi

"Making Pizza with My Family".

Last weekend, my family and I had a great time making pizza together. We gathered in the kitchen, spreading dough and adding toppings. Laughter filled the air as each family member created their unique pizza masterpiece. The delicious aroma filled the house as we waited for the pizzas to bake.

Cô Annanew
American English

Did you understand the text?

Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What did the family do last weekend?
a Went to the beach
b Made pizza together
c Watched a movie
d Visited a museum
Question 2:
Where did the family gather?
a Living room
b Bedroom
c Kitchen
d Garden
Question 3:
What filled the air during the pizza-making time?
a Sadness
b Laughter
c Silence
d Anger
Question 4:
What did each family member create?
a Sandwich
b Pizza masterpiece
c Ice cream
d Salad
Question 5:
What filled the house as they waited for the pizzas to bake?
a Scent of flowers
b Delicious aroma
c Sound of music
d Fresh air
Question 6:
What did the family make together?
a Tacos
b Cupcakes
c Pizza
d Sushi
Please answer all questions about the text:
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