Phòng ngủ đầy màu sắc của tôi

"My Colorful Bedroom".

My bedroom is a lively and vibrant space filled with an array of colors. The walls are painted in a soothing shade of blue, and the curtains match perfectly. A rainbow-colored rug covers the floor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. My bed is adorned with vibrant pillows, each representing a different hue of the rainbow.

Thầy Davidnew
American English

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Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What color are the walls of the bedroom?
a Red
b Blue
c Yellow
d Green
Question 2:
What matches the curtains in the bedroom?
a Rainbow-colored rug
b Vibrant pillows
c Blue walls
d Yellow bed
Question 3:
What covers the floor in the bedroom?
a Wooden tiles
b Rainbow-colored rug
c White carpet
d Blue curtains
Question 4:
What adorns the bed in the bedroom?
a Rainbow-colored rug
b Wooden pillows
c Vibrant pillows
d Blue walls
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