Điện thoại của tôi ở đâu?

"Where is My Phone?"

One frantic morning, I woke up searching for my phone. The usual spots yielded nothing. Panic set in until I retraced my steps to the kitchen. There it was, on the countertop, hiding behind the morning newspaper. The relief was immense as I found my essential gadget just in time. Lesson learned: check the less obvious places first.

Cô Annanew
American English

Did you understand the text?

Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What was the person searching for in the morning?
a Wallet
b Phone
c Keys
d Glasses
Question 2:
Where did the person first look for the phone?
a Bedroom
b Kitchen
c Living room
d Bathroom
Question 3:
Where was the phone eventually found?
a Bedroom
b Kitchen countertop
c Living room sofa
d Bathroom shelf
Question 4:
What lesson did the person learn?
a Always lose things
b Check obvious places first
c Panic is the solution
d Stop using the phone
Please answer all questions about the text:
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