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Introducing a Classmate

Meet Sarah, a vibrant addition to our class. With her cheerful demeanor and passion for learning, she brings a positive energy to every lesson.

Sarah is known for her friendly nature. Always ready with a smile, she creates a welcoming atmosphere, making everyone feel at ease. Her willingness to collaborate and help others makes her a valued member of the class.

In the academic realm, Sarah's enthusiasm shines. She actively participates in discussions and consistently delivers insightful ideas. Her commitment to excellence motivates others to strive for their best.

Beyond the classroom, Sarah is an avid reader and enjoys exploring the world through literature. She also has a keen interest in sports, particularly soccer, where her teamwork skills shine.

Sarah's teamwork extends beyond sports. In group projects, she is a reliable and collaborative team member. Her dedication to collective success fosters a positive group dynamic.

Approachable and supportive, Sarah is someone you can turn to for assistance. Her willingness to share knowledge and help her peers demonstrates her commitment to the success of the entire class.

Cô Anna

Did you understand the text?

Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What does Sarah bring to the class with her cheerful demeanor?
a Negativity
b Positive energy
c Indifference
d Hostility
Question 2:
How does Sarah contribute to a welcoming atmosphere?
a By being reserved
b By always smiling
c By avoiding interactions
d By staying silent
Question 3:
What is Sarah's commitment in academic discussions?
a Passive
b Active
c Disinterested
d Reserved
Question 4:
What are Sarah's interests outside the classroom?
a None
b Sports and literature
c Science only
d Technology only
Question 5:
How does Sarah contribute to group projects?
a Indifferently
b Actively and collaboratively
c With hostility
d With reluctance
Question 6:
What does Sarah demonstrate by being approachable and supportive?
a A desire to be left alone
b A willingness to assist and share knowledge
c Disinterest in others
d Hostility towards her peers
Please answer all questions about the text:
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