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Preparing Food

Jack, driven by hunger, entered the kitchen. He grabbed eggs and oil, heating a skillet on the stove, ready for a quick meal. Pouring oil into the hot skillet, he cracked eggs into a bowl, stirring before transferring to the sizzling pan. The sound of eggs cooking filled the air for two minutes.

Admiring his creation on a white plate, Jack enjoyed the delicious aroma while seated at the dining table. After a satisfying meal, he washed the plate and pan, wiped the table, and relaxed by watching TV.

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Did you understand the text?

Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
Why did Jack go to the kitchen?
a To watch TV
b To prepare food
c To clean the dishes
d To take a nap
Question 2:
What did Jack take out from the kitchen?
a Bread
b Eggs
c Milk
d Fruits
Question 3:
What did Jack do before pouring the eggs into the skillet?
a He cracked them into a bowl
b He turned on the heat
c He washed them
d He added salt
Question 4:
How long did Jack wait while the eggs were cooking?
a 1 minute
b 3 minutes
c 2 minutes
d 5 minutes
Question 5:
Where did Jack put the cooked eggs?
a In the refrigerator
b On the stove
c On a plate
d In the sink
Question 6:
What did Jack do after eating the eggs?
a He went for a walk
b He washed the dishes
c He took a nap
d He watched TV
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