Y tá Jill

Cô Annanew
American English

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Question 1:
How long has Nurse Jill worked in the pediatric ward at City Hospital?
a Three years
b Five years
c Seven years
d Ten years
Question 2:
What is Nurse Jill known for among her patients?
a Her warm smile and gentle voice
b Her strict rules
c Her fast-paced work style
d Her technical medical skills
Question 3:
What is one of Nurse Jill's daily responsibilities?
a Checking on each patient and giving morning medications
b Performing surgeries
c Managing hospital finances
d Teaching at a medical school
Question 4:
What aspect of her job does Nurse Jill find fulfilling?
a The high salary
b The long hours
c Seeing her patients recover
d Working in a fast-paced environment
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