Tôi yêu thành phố của tôi

Cô Annanew
American English

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Question 1:
hat does the narrator like about the central park?
a It's very busy
b It has a lot of museums
c It's a place to relax and enjoy nature
d It serves international cuisine
Question 2:
hat aspect of the city is mentioned as a highlight besides its history?
a Its busy streets
b Its architecture
c Its parks
d Its food
Question 3:
here can one learn about the city's history?
a In the central park
b At the museums and historical sites
c In the skyscrapers
d At the restaurants
Question 4:
What type of architecture is found in the city?
a Only modern skyscrapers
b Only historic buildings
c Both modern skyscrapers and historic buildings
d No mention of architecture
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